I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Day One. It’s an app I use regularly, yet greatly underutilize.

This is partly because I lost my habit of regular journalling a few years back, the act of taking time every day to jot down some thoughts or the events of the day. Most of my Day One usage of late has been the automation of getting items in there from other sources plus tracking my Bible study. But I could do so much more with it, both with some actual, real writing, as well as some additional automated entries.

And so the timing of recent content from Shawn Blanc and Co was perfect for me. The post linked here is a good start, but they’ve had some others. Here is Shawn’s review of the app, which includes a call out to their updated e-book Day One In Depth. I purchased this right away and it’s the perfect way for someone unfamiliar with the app (or the habit of journalling) to get started.