I’m not a big reader of Seth Godin, despite how popular he is. But this post was great. Fair warning: it is a sales pitch at the end.

I love this quote:

Culture defeats strategy, every time.

Mr. Godin makes some great observations that the most important skills in the workplace are the ones that never get any attention. Not in our education, not in hiring practices, and not when recognizing good work. Why?

We underinvest in this training, fearful that these things are innate and can’t be taught.

He’s making the case that most “soft skills” are not innate, but are learned. The problem is that this learning is accidental.

Of course we learn them. We learn them accidentally, by osmosis, by the collisions we have with teachers, parents, bosses and the world. But just because they’re difficult to measure doesn’t mean we can’t improve them, can’t practice them, can’t change.

It’s a much longer read than most of his daily posts, but it’s worth taking 10 minutes to go through his list of skills at the end.