The details of this report match my own habits. My iPad usage had declined significantly over the past two years. Once I made the upgrade to the bigger screen of the iPhone 6, I was more than ready to get rid of the awkward middle child of my digital setup.

And it looks like a lot of people are on the same path.

But what has captured publishers’ attention is the increase in the number of people reading their phones.

More telling:

Some 45% of iBooks purchases are now downloaded onto iPhones, an Apple spokeswoman said. Before that, only 28% were downloaded onto phones, with most of the remainder downloaded onto iPads and a small percentage onto computers.

My 3rd gen iPad has never been a comfortable reading device. What was unexpected to me at first, was in fact what took place. I had desired to replace the iPad with an iPad mini, but that desire died over time and I started to look for the bigger phone to take that place.

And it has. It's far more comfortable to read on and I do most of my "consumption" type of activity on the phone.

What about writing? That was the only activity I regularly used my iPad for that is not quite comfortable on the phone. In most cases, I'm quite happy just writing with Ulysses on my Mac. But I'd also be interested in an external keyboard and stand of some type to try writing on the phone. That doesn't quite seem to be a market that's matured yet (unless you know something I don't, let me know).

End result: I'm a happy two device user.