Personally, I don’t believe I’ve even seen an Apple Watch with my own eyes. Partly because of where I live, but partly because I’ve had no interest in it from day one.

I love my old fashioned time piece and I’ve slowly been migrating to having less devices to distract me from my family, not more. Subsequently, I haven’t read a lot of opinion pieces on the Apple Watch. But one that did cross my Instapaper was from Craig Mod.

He (as usual) summed things up oh-so-nicely and confirmed some hunches I had.

Once they see it they say, Oh is that the thing? And I say, Yes it is the thing. And they ask, Has it changed your life? And I shrug. And they are so disappointed. They want me to say, Yes. Yes it has changed my life. The wrist thing. It’s made me a better man, a stronger man, a more thoughtful man. But, no.

We long for technology to make us better, faster, to make life easier and more convenient. The wisest among us seem to recognize that steps have to be taken to master the tech … otherwise the opposite occurs and we’re left with emptiness.

Still, like most things, it’s the dose that makes the poison. Just as technology cannot solve our problems for us (the innermost problems that is), neither is it inherently evil. I’m sure the Watch can become something more at some point down the road.

The potential is there. But not now. It is still a baby. And so for now, into it we mash our noses. We are optimistic doofuses. It is black like the ocean on a moonless night. It pings softly from the future and says: It is time to stand up. You are a lazy man. I feel your beating heart

Until then, I’ll happily keep my nose and timepiece at arms length from one another.