The Doist team continues to put out good content about topics that interest me. Single-tasking is the focus of this one and while they do not make any surprising points, it’s a great summary of why this is an important habit to develop.

They do give one tip that I personally don’t agree with: using multiple spaces on the desktop (a macOS feature).

I limit myself to four desktops only: one for communication windows (Gmail, Slack, Todoist, Sunrise Calendar) and the other three for the windows associated with different projects I plan to work on that day. I add a different background to each desktop so I know exactly which task I’m focusing on at any given time. I’ve found that this decreases the likelihood that I’ll switch tasks mid-way into working on something else.

I find this made things worse for me. CMD+Tab is already problematic enough. Switching between Spaces is even more of a time-waster. When I used them, I also attempted to give different Spaces a different purpose. But I would just end up switching around at all times. For me, full screen apps enables better behaviour.