A lot of smart peple are blocking off entire days in the week in order to focus. Untouchable days, so to speak.

But I hear you saying to yourself, “A day doesn’t feel like it would be enough.” I’m with you. So too is John Baluch. Rather than regular untouchable days, he schedules think weeks.

Okay, in his case, it was a longer think weekend … but the idea is the same:

Taking the time to think is a powerful thing, regardless if it’s for work, relaxation, or personal spirituality. The most successful people in the world regularly take the time to reflect on their lives or a specific problem. Bill Gates had made the concept famous during his Microsoft days. The founder of Skillshare has been taking a think week for the past several years to answer his larger questions.

If you’re into this topics at all, you’ve likely heard stories about Bill Gates (Cal Newport talks a lot about that in Deep Work) or others. My wife and I have had this type of getaway weekend the past several years and we absolutely love it.

Even taking just 48–72 hours away from all the aspects of your regular routine is a gift we all need.