Quicksilver usage

I've used Quicksilver on and off every since I started using a Mac. Upgrading to Leopard initiated my longest break from using this swiss army knife of an application. Spotlight performance had improved enough that I simply got used to using OS X's ability to launch applications and find certain documents or web pages. It wasn't until Jamie Phelps [http://www.jamiephelps.com/] started singing the praises of Quicksilver to me this past summer that I installed it once again. A couple months later…

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Getting to know Automator

Ever since purchasing my first Mac, which had Tiger installed, I've been interested in the potential of Automator. Unfortunately, time and opportunities have both been lacking and I've been unable to spend much time with the application. But that's one of the nice things about having your own blog—things that once were categorized as 'play' can now be categorized as 'work' or 'research'. And since getting serious about my site and posting regularly, there have been a couple of workflows that I…

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Track yourself with a custom log file

A while back, Patrick Rhone posted [http://forum.worklifecreativity.net/index.php/topic,103.0.html] on Work.Life.Creativity about the idea of keeping a text file to track miscellaneous bits of information. I was intrigued by the idea, read the linked pages he had included and got thoroughly engrossed in a web induced bunny trail. The idea is simple—keep a text file that includes any piece of information that may be useful to you in the future. Exactly what information that includes might be dif…

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