The busy trap

I’ve seen a number of folks link to this piece [] recently, which means many of us identify with the problem outlined within. I agree with the author that using ‘busy’ as a badge of honour is a sign of misaligned priorities in our culture. But his conclusion is disturbingly myopic. The idea that everyone should work 4–5 hours per day and then relax and socialize the rest of their day shows a severely limited worldview. I hope Tim Kre…

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Work to live

The last 24 hours have given us a lot of insight into how Steve Jobs, armed with his singular focus and vision, has affected the lives of so many people. Personally, I can speak to how he's affected me. He created the atmosphere and, as many have pointed out, the culture, to create a new type of operating system, one that a designer recently described to me as “design sensitive”. It drew me to the platform. From there he helped me to identify the value in simplicity, that good design is so much…

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In search of depth

Made a visit to kung fu grippe today, one of the lesser known abodes of Merlin Mann. It's not one of my regular reads, as I prefer Merlin's voice over at 43 Folders []. But today he posted an article [] titled “Better” that, in my mind, is exactly what a lot of people are struggling with today. I know I am. I've talked about this issue before []. Since March, I've grown more aware…

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