The growing emphasis on the customer

Ian Golding takes the time to discuss the differences between the definitions of several approaches regarding customers. He uses customer experience, customer service, and customer-centric. It’s a good article on the subject and it culminates in his definition of a customer-centric organization: Putting customer focus at the heart of everything you do, in order to achieve customer satisfaction and loyaltyI’d agree, and it’s essentially how I would define customer success. When customer success is a vital function of your business, your Success team is there is ensure that customer focus is at the heart of everything you…

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The hand that feeds

My life changed on April 9, 2010. At least, my work life did. And when you own your own business, your work life tends to bleed — heavily — into every aspect of your life. So when I received the announcement early on a Friday evening that Twitter had purchased atebits, it was a punch to the gut. BackstoryLet me go back one year, to April of 2009. Tweetie on the iPhone was a smashing success. I'd read the likes of Gruber sing its praises, but hadn't gotten around to trying it. I think I was using Twitterrific most of the time…

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Bad form, Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, 2010 personally left me with a bad taste in my mouth. When the company purchased Loren Brichter's atebits — and programming skills — I was probably affected more than most people because of our ads in Tweetie for Mac. Other 3rd party Twitter client developers aside. I could certainly understand Loren's decision and hold no hard feelings towards him. But the few communications I had with the team at Twitter left me wishing there was a little more competition on this space. Why? Because I was left with this general feeling: Twitter spent the early years building…

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