There is nothing virtual about bitcoin’s energy appetite

This is an area where I am lacking in familiarity with the subject. While I have read the headlines and watched in amazement as friends have taken the plunge to “investing” in a cryptocurrency, I have not taken the time to get a better grip on why some people are so bullish on this technology (I have several long articles on the subject in Instapaper, so bad on me). But any time I think about it, I can’t get past the environmental impact. > The total network of computers plugged into the bitcoi…

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The real victims of climate change

Signs seem to indicate that the ability to keep our heads in the sand when it comes to our environmental impact may soon disappear. Brooke Jarvis shares how things are already changing from one generation to another in some island cultures. > I decided to walk the islands perimeter, but found it difficult: Large sections of the trail around the island were missing, the land fallen into the waves. For those who had been on these islands for more than 50 years: > Thomas, who was born here in 195…

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