When explosive growth hurts a product

Rian nicely sums up a growing sentiment. Namely, that there is an anti-Slack backlash growing. What made Slack so inviting is a reduction. But we're simply using it to replace everything (every.other.thing), which is just moving a mess, rather than cleaning it up. > Slack is a great communication tool, with integrations that make it possible to reduce the amount of time spent on other services. But once you have multiple accounts and multiple rooms to contend with every day, it has the potenti…

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Are you just LARPing your job?

John Herman has some astute observations about Slack and how it's changing office culture. As people migrate to it from other options, there's no denying it feels better. But that may not necessarily be healthy. As Mr. Herman states > But the thing about Slack that gives you that low dread of unstoppable acceleration is how fully it encompasses how you talk to coworkers … And the problem with this: > Slack allows, in the most extreme cases, for a full performance of work—the clocking in, the…

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Spring disconnections

The snow is gone. Grass shoots are poking through. The pleasant gifts from your neighbour's dog have almost dissipated. Spring has arrived, and with it comes the desire to get off the computer and go outside. Two things I really love about spring: yard work and sitting on the deck with a nicely brewed local beer. And it's this time of year when I start to remember all the projects I thought about doing at New Years. Four or five months later, the improving weather reminds me that once again al…

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