Extreme athleticism is the new midlife crisis

I know, there’s been a lot of running talk around here. But this article grabbed my eyes with the title — and the rest of it did not disappoint. Nailed it! > For decades, the midlife crisis has been expressed in tired pop-culture tropes in which (usually) white men buy sports cars and carry on affairs with younger women in a doomed and desperate bid to feel young again. But increasingly, people are responding to the anxieties of middle age not by clinging to the last vestiges of expiring youth…

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The cure for complaining

A couple of weeks back, our senior pastor gave a message exhorting us all to live with a little less complaining. Or a lot less (he included himself as the target audience). Our church started a reading plan in September to get through the entire Bible in 9 months. And in tandem with this plan has been the pastors preaching from current reading. That has brought us to Numbers. If you're familiar at all with the desert years for Israel, you’ll know complaining is a common theme. One passage has…

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