Making sense of Roam Research

Just over a month ago, I gave an intro tour of Roam Research to the Wildbit team. We have a call of this type on the first Friday of each month, and I'd wanted to do this for a while as a few people on the team started to use it. But each person seems to come away from the first few log-ins to Roam with this same question: How do I use this thing? The truth is, after months of using it, I still didn't have a firm sense of how I wanted to use…

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The top 3 most effective ways to take notes while reading

This is a bit of a repeat of late, but one I hope you’ll forgive me for. As I watch my goal for reading books week after week, I’ve been considering how to start a system similar to what Shane Parrish outlines in this article. Not to give myself something else to do, but simply to retain more and take what I’m reading and apply it to my every day life. Related: Shawn Blanc shares his own system for taking notes when reading […

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