Spend thirty minutes in heaven

I enjoyed this look at the devotional practices of Richard Baxter. I’m already a believer in Christian meditation [https://chrisbowler.com/journal/meditation], but sometimes hearing the experiences of others can be an inspiration to us. > In The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, Baxter states that, because man is a rational creature, we must reason with ourselves. We are to take a truth and mull it over in our minds. He compares it to a balance that sits before us. There is a natural desire to want to…

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Oak & meditation

Meditation has been a part of my mornings for years now. But it likely doesn't look like what people would expect. Some days it's sitting still with my eyes closed and focusing on one thought, or one verse. But many days it's very different. I would consider my morning time meditative over all. But that time will include prayer, reading the Bible more casually, and more concentrated study of a specific passage or topic. In Habits of Grace [https://www.desiringgod.org/books/habits-of-grace], Dav…

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The best meditation app is no app at all

Drew Coffman makes an excellent observation: > I have once or twice been caught in a situation where my Apple Watch is off my person or dead, and I have been discouraged to exercise, knowing that none of the data will be tracked. When the tools become the focus, we’re off target. I have to be mindful of this myself; there is a balance with these types of tools. The past several months, I’ve used a combination of Gyroscope, Moves, Rescuetime, and Apple’s Health app to track a lot of things. I’ve…

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