From the abundance of the heart

Another reference to Alan Jacobs: he shared this article at the same time. This one is his own, where he shares the experience of giving a talk based on something he had written. But, as he's speaking to the crowd, he realizes he doesn't like the words he's about to say. > This is a strange kind of experience. As I was reading, as my mind was processing words and sending them along to my lips and larynx, a word pricked my conscience; I scanned my word-hoard for alternatives, and managed to retr…

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Know your content

My old boss, Mathew Patterson, shares his process for preparing for a talk. He gives details on everything from choosing a topic, to writing the outline, to going through several drafts. My own process is similar. I tend to start in a text editor (iA Writer on my iPad, Ulysses on my Mac) to capture the main points. The flow of my talk then comes into shape in Keynote. The slides are minimal, but details are included in my speaker’s notes. Rands gives a similar (and more detailed) description […

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