Good software delights

Redefining yourself is never easy. The same is true for your business. This is part of the reason I admire the folks at OmniGroup []. When the iPad became available, they immediately set out to bring all of their apps to this new device (platform might be a better term). I respected this team before. My first exposure to their applications was OmniOutliner on OS X, a lovely tool. But my usage of various Omni-iOS apps has increased my respect tenfold. For they did not tak…

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Imitating the swiss

I have many memories of my dad working around the house on various renovations or working on a vehicle in the driveway. He had a workshop full of tools and a large toolbox filled to overflowing. Many of the tools within were mysterious to me as I had no idea what their intended purpose was. But whatever the job, there were a few tools that were always included. One in particular stands out in my mind — an orange screwdriver with a cap on the end. You could unscrew this cap and inside were 10-15…

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