Creating reminders with LaunchBar

LaunchBar enthusiasts may already be aware of this, but I stumbled upon the ability to add reminders to … Reminders (I now have visions of Austin Powers running through my head). It's quite slick. The key to remember is that the Reminders application from Apple uses lists. If you've never modified from the default, then your list is called Reminders, as shown in the image here. Simply type the name of your list into LaunchBar, then press enter to open the dialogue you see here. Add the descript…

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Using Hazel with folder contents

I've played with Hazel in years past, but never looked at it too seriously. It's definitely a powerful tool! But I found one aspect of the utility very unintuitive. For extra nerdy Mac nerds, this may be either underwhelming or very obvious. I was looking for an a solution for a coworker yesterday, who had a fairly simple issue. She has her pictures folder filled with subfolders. These sub-folders have more sub-folders or images (Picasa puts the folders there). She simply wanted her Pictures fo…

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A solid option

I've seen a lot of people talk about Alfred in the past year. I don't use it — apart from a quick download/launch/delete I have no experience at all with it. Not because it isn't a great tool, but simply because I already have a better option in my tool belt. But whenever I see someone writing or tweeting about it, I wonder why more folks don't give LaunchBar [] a try. So many of us started out with Quicksilver. But, until quite recently…

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