Some time around the point in my life where I started to actually use the internet — maybe late 1999 or early 2000 — I also started to get into electronic music. Previously, I was fully all into grunge (I was late to appreciate that whole genre, but purchasing Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins had changed that and I spent the second half of the 90’s listening to all that stuff).

Towards the end of the decade, I picked up a copy of Spin Magazine that highlighted the top 90 albums of the 90’s (see a synopsis and the full list here. So. Much. Good. Music. Although … Siamese Dream should have been much, much higher on the list). This was one of the biggest influences in getting me into more electronic/digital music (second only to Trent Reznor). One of the artists that helped me in this shift was Björk and Post was the album that did it for me.

This article from Pitchfork does an excellent job musing on what makes her so unique and so good.