In the past, I’ve used Sketch a lot to illustrate concepts for my team, or create user journeys, or onboarding flows. Although it’s a full design tool for making mockups or full product designs, I found it also worked well for conceptual models.

Here’s an example I made for showing the ideal user journey for a Beanstalk customer.

Over the past couple of years, I haven’t needed to make this type of thing as often and I discovered at some point that I never installed Sketch on my newest laptop. And when the time came to create something new, I found that the version of Sketch was so far behind, I’d have to purchase an upgrade.

I like to pay for good software, but I hesitate when it’s not a tool I use regularly. And somewhere in the past months, I came across Whimsical. I think this is a service that could replace something like Sketch for me.

I won’t produce artifacts like the example above with Whimsical, but it does provide the ability to quickly create mockups, mind maps, flowcharts, and “walls of sticky notes”.

These are all lower fidelity, but that’s most often all I need in my role.

Check it out.