Jesse Day shared this interesting piece on the value of writing things down.

The purpose of writing is not to store facts for later. Well, it can be, if you’re writing down an address or phone number. But the purpose of writing down ideas is to document a thought process. When you go back and read what you wrote before, you are transported back to that experience of thought. You are able to pick up where you left off, and continue whatever journey you had embarked upon.

He makes his case by defining the difference between experience and information and how the latter can help us recall the former. I love this concept, but golly gee, thanks for the added pressure, Jesse!

One of my maybe goals for the year has been journalling. It’s habit that feel by the wayside several years back for me. Sure, I journal my Bible reading. And I have several different types of content piped into my journal. But plain old fashioned writing down the events of my life and how they affect me? Not happening (unless you count this newsletter, which could be considered a journal of a sort — it requires almost daily writing and includes many things that are top of mind for me … but I digress).

I believe in the power and value of keeping a journal. But I struggle to find the time. This post was a good reminder of the value and caused me to consider once again a change here.