Information buckets

After my post on Pocket [] as a save-anything-for-later bucket, a distinction is needed. I received a few questions about whether Pocket would replace Gimme Bar for me. The answer: an emphatic no. Pocket is to save for later, Gimme Bar is to save forever. Forever being a relative term aside, I see Gimme Bar as my permanent archive location for things on the web. It has been designed and developed with this purpose in mind (as described in Orbita…

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Content everywhere

This week's news of the launch of Pocket [] — a compelling rebrand and slight change-of-focus of Read It Later — caught my attention. Like all the recent chatter on Instapaper and Readability, Pocket touches on a subject dear to my heart. It's not surprising that these tools generate a lot of opinion and discussion — services like Pocket give us more control and access to the content we consume and share via the Internet. And we care about that content. Regarding Pocket, th…

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“At hand” paper filing

When I wrote recently about keeping track of your digital activity via a custom log file [], I received an email from productivity consultant, Matthew Cornell. In his message, he reaffirmed his belief in the benefits on keeping a log file. He also appreciated my thoughts on de-cluttering and and had this to say on that topic: > Don't forget "at hand" filing next to your new desk. My immediate thought was, “Yep—that's an important part of…

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