I missed this earlier in the fall, but Robin Sloan shared his impressions of the reboot of Fortnite when Epic Games launched Chapter 2. What caught his attention? The look, the feel, the atmosphere of it.

Now, the island has grown up. A few landmarks remain, planted in new locations like scattered seeds, but the terrain is totally different, and it’s the terrain that is the star. The new island’s geography is softer, more natural. Mountains flow into moraine. Hills flatten into meadows. Draws empty into creeks.
In those creeks—there are ponds and lakes, too—you can swim, as well as fish, and it’s here that the soul of the new game shows most clearly. Dropped into a hundred-player melee, danger on every side, is it foolish to pause beside a stream, put aside your weapon, and cast a line? Possibly. But it’s a big island, and sometimes you find yourself alone.
The new environment is plainly pastoral. There’s more open space. The farms have become more detailed, with apple orchards and rows of trellised tomatoes.
Butterflies dance in the meadows.

I very much agree with this sentiment and enjoyed the change in the feel (although I still end up with a racing heart as I struggle to get in a head shot with my tactical shotgun). It’s a good mix of calm and chaotic action.

He finishes:

From the first wash of pixels, it was obvious: this new place was simpler and softer. Wide open. Unburdened.