I’m working a little over the holidays, but my big focus for the past several weeks was put out into the world this past week. A super small team-within-a-team at Wildbit launched People First Jobs.

People first jobs home page

What is it? Essentially, it’s a new kind of job board — one that is focused on helping people find jobs with companies that take a balanced approach to work.

A backlash against the valley mentality and always-on hustle has been in full swing for a while. While there are still a lot of people idolizing the Gary V mentality, there are plenty more who recognize that people do their best when they have a full overall life, not just a fulfilling career. We want to help people find jobs that support this vision.

Chris Nagele, one of the co-founders of Wildbit, described it like this in his intro post:

More and more people are searching for a place where they can do incredible work at a reasonable pace, with a team that cares deeply about their success and craft. The problem is, we don’t hire often and don’t always have an opening. Instead of turning them away, we want to create a list of like-minded companies who have job openings.

I’ve often had people reach out and share their admiration for Wildbit, but we’re a small team who doesn’t hire all that often. People First Jobs is a way for us to say, “We’re not hiring right now, but here are some other great places to work.” We’ve got a lot of work to do in refining exactly how to define traits of a healthy workplace (it can look slightly different from one team to another) and how to validate what companies say.

But I’m super excited about the response we’ve had and where we’re going to go with this in 2020. If you’re looking for a healthier work environment, subscribe to get updates on the companies we add and the jobs they’re looking to fill.