I mentioned Andy in the last issue. If you spend any time in the Roam community, you've heard of this fellow. And it's due in large part to his own "Digital garden" and his public notes.

How and where he stores those notes aside, I spent a lot of time going over this note, plus all its offshoots.

My practice of writing Evergreen notes is heavily inspired by Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten practice and its contemporary advocates. I use a different term both because there are some distinctions and because I want to give myself space to explore ideas in this space apart from the culture surrounding Zettelkasten, which has its own prior values and proclivities.

This idea of connected thoughts makes sense in a way. But it also makes the reader do a little more work than if he had published this content as one longer article. But that's kind of the idea with the digital garden.

If needed, Andy could put all this content together into one longer form. But each point is its own thought, and can be referenced from multiple other points. His collection is the best example of a digital representation of what Luhmann was getting at that I've seen.