Using tags in Obsidian

In a tool like Obsidian, direct, manually created links are the best way to connect your thinking across notes. This is the default behaviour of the Zettelkasten, and I appreciate the emphasis [] it's given by the folks at []. However, I'm also not against using other forms of linking notes together. There's value to being able to see connections across topics, and for that use case, tags work well. Bu…

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How Andy Matuschak's notes compare to a Zettel

I mentioned Andy in the last issue. If you spend any time in the Roam community, you've heard of this fellow. And it's due in large part to his own "Digital garden" and his public notes. How and where he stores those notes aside, I spent a lot of time going over this note, plus all its offshoots. > My practice of writing Evergreen notes is heavily inspired by Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten practice and its contemporary advocates. I use a different term both because there are some distinctions a…

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