An Introduction to the Christian disciplines

As I mentioned in January [], a primary focus for my writing this year would be to review some of the answers I've found over the years to the following questions: > So If I’m going to pursue a life of depth, if I’m going to actively pursue God, to seek him and knock on the door, how will I go about it? How can I follow the exhortations I see in Scripture, to be holy as he is holy, without moving my focus from him to my works? The answer is…

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Apprenticeship vs discipleship

The difference between these two roles is slim, yet vast. Both are to learn from a master, to pick up the skills required to do what the teacher does. Both learn from observing and being in the presence of the one who has experience and wisdom. Both are focused on become craftsmen in the field in which the master is well known. But an apprentice does it with the focus on earning wages. The time spent in apprenticeship leads to knowledge and wisdom in all facets of the trade. Not only must he un…

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