A few words about Bibles

Alan Jacobs writes about Bibles in a recent newsletter. He mentions the Illuminated version of the ESV that was illustrated by Dana Tanamachi. That caught my eye as that’s the Bible I’m currently using (and thanks to an ordering gaffe, so is my wife — I bought two copies). He very briefly gets into how it can be hard to mark up these nice Bibles that are works of art. I myself own some beautifully bound Bibles, but I am always slightly uneasy about them. They are precious, but that’s a word with several meanings, and all of…

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Using the ESV API

I mentioned last week that my Bible study set up using Ulysses was published over at The Sweet Setup earlier this month. This resulted in a handful of people asking about my reference to using the ESV API to populate Ulysses with Scripture. I was (obviously) not quite clear in the article. It was my intention to start that a person could use the API. But I have not been doing that myself. Instead, I manually copy and paste 10 chapters at a time from the Bible Study app into Ulysses when needed. I do this for a couple reasons:…

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Ulysses for bible study

I recently shared my system for using Ulysses for Bible study over on The Sweet Setup. It was a longer piece and one I’m happy about. Not because of my writing, but simply because Ulysses works so well for this purpose. I had been looking for a better option for storing my notes, highlights, and related passages for some time and was quite happy when I started considering the option of using a tool that was not a Bible app. I talk about structure, notes, tags, search and a lot more. If you take your Bible study seriously, but…

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