Face to face

As mentioned last week [https://chrisbowler.com/journal/on-the-court], the Campaign Monitor team got together recently for our annual meet up. As the team grows, having a meet up like this becomes increasingly expensive, both financially and administratively. It's also absolutely vital. Although we live in an incredible time from a technological perspective, there is still no replacement for face to face discussion. Full on interaction between two (or more) human beings requires being present i…

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Good support is vital to your business

Along with a handful of coworkers, I spent the past week in San Francisco. Our primary reason for being there was to attend Userconf [http://userconf.co], a one day track focused on support. Admittedly, I had very little expectation for this event. Not low expectations, but simply no expectations at all as my attention is usually on conferences that focus on design, development, and creativity. But as someone who provides support for a SaaS product, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Suppo…

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Random musings From XOXO

For people who work on the web, we are blessed with a flexibility that has rarely been available to men and women throughout the ages. We can work from anywhere. Live anywhere. And work with and talk to people from anywhere. This flexibility also allows us to meet in person those people that inspire us in our work. For me, my situation is slightly less flexible than many. I have a good sized family and live far from the larger cities where most events take place. And so my first web focused con…

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