Good support is vital to your business

Along with a handful of coworkers, I spent the past week in San Francisco. Our primary reason for being there was to attend Userconf [], a one day track focused on support. Admittedly, I had very little expectation for this event. Not low expectations, but simply no expectations at all as my attention is usually on conferences that focus on design, development, and creativity. But as someone who provides support for a SaaS product, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Suppo…

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Configuring your mail setup to use iCloud email with different sending addresses

Since Apple announced that iCloud would bring free email, calendar and contact syncing, I started counting down to when I could cut my ties with Gmail. I don’t trust Google with my data, haven’t for quite some time. I considered a few other options like Fastmail [] and Atmail [], but the simplicity that Apple offers in both cost and setup kept me waiting. When it comes to trust, Apple has earned mine, simply because I am the customer, not the commodity.…

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Beginning to end: a tale of good support

There are a few reasons I like Apple and use their products and services. A primary one is the experience: beginning to end, Apple has crafted a culture that makes for a positive interaction between them and the customer, whether it's online or in a retail store. They seem to understand that our culture offers too much choice and gives little regard for how you get to the end point (taking out your wallet). Here's a recent sequence of events in our home: * Thursday, March 17 6:30 PM — my wif…

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