How to manage up with your boss

This article is interesting to me for two reasons. One, it well illustrates the different type of communication preferences people have. And how that can be hard when your boss communicates differently than you. > I once had a boss who would send me a series of two-word emails throughout the day, each one bearing the same message: “Call me.” Each time I received one of these emails, the hairs on the back of my neck would stiffen and my stomach would churn violently. The author’s reaction was ne…

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Why GitHub finally abandoned its bossless workplace

If there was ever a “well, duh” sub-title, this is it: > The software maker, which once prided itself on a flat corporate environment similar to Valve and Zappos, finds that workers can benefit from a little direction. This article discusses the progress that GitHub has taken from a holocracy to its current structure. It includes some of the struggles the company has gone through over the past few years and their direction for the company. I find the topic of leadership and company culture a f…

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Leadership hacks from Rands

I enjoy the more practical nature of these tips. Especially the advice to have three questions he wants answered from each meeting prepped ahead of time. If he can't come up with theee questions for a given meeting, the question then becomes, "Why is this on my calendar?" And on the lost art of punctuality: > Two minutes early. For everything. This means I look at my calendar at the beginning of the day and account for transit time. This means I gracefully leave the prior meeting five minutes…

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