Assume they have something to teach you

Rands shares a good piece of advice for how to get value out of all interactions. At the base of his advice is that, although not all interactions with all people will benefit you directly, it’s still worth your time to make investments in others. He summarizes his advice this way: > Life isn’t short. It’s finite. As a leader with a finite set of minutes, it is your job to find the stories. They will teach you. He’s describing that idea that although he is not hiring for a position, it can sti…

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Changing desires

I’ve long struggled with putting people first, putting relationships ahead of the projects that are taking up my time and focus. As soon as I started writing online and learning about personal productivity, this theme was playing itself out in my life. Almost 10 years ago [], I was pondering how things were to fit together. > I started thinking again about what it really means to follow the concepts that make up GTD. And how that fits w…

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Four reasons to slow down

This was a good reminder for me. Jon Bloom shares how he’s adapted his reading goals year over year. What really got my attention was the section titled “We are pursuing transformation, not information.” > God’s purpose in our learning is that we become Christlike (Romans 8:29), not that we become information databases. Amen. And ouch — that hits home for me. I find it easy to get into the intellectual aspects of theology and study, but personal relationship? That’s another matter. I’ve been qu…

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