Waiting on the Lord

Well, it’s been a year. Back in the fall of 2016, I made some big changes for my personal website and my weekly newsletter [https://chrisbowler.com/newsletter]. The biggest was to more intentionally focus on helping Christians fight the good fight. What is that fight? To master our will and hearts and minds and focus them on our reason for living. Our cause for joy. And the person for whom we have reason to celebrate this time of year (and all the year long). My goal is to disciple Christians…

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Seeking his presence

This is another marvellous truth. Although we cannot come into the presence of God’s glory without the redeeming work of Christ, God himself is not far off. He is not hidden in some secret place, only available once a person solves the right mystery. He is here, manifest in creation all around us.

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Four reasons to slow down

This was a good reminder for me. Jon Bloom shares how he’s adapted his reading goals year over year. What really got my attention was the section titled “We are pursuing transformation, not information.” > God’s purpose in our learning is that we become Christlike (Romans 8:29), not that we become information databases. Amen. And ouch — that hits home for me. I find it easy to get into the intellectual aspects of theology and study, but personal relationship? That’s another matter. I’ve been qu…

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