Cal Newport advocates for a text file to “to augment your limited neuronal capacity with some digital help…” Sounds familiar. Back in the day, productivity “experts” such as Patrick Rhone and myself were advocating the use of a personal log file [] (plain text, natch). I’m enjoying Cal’s site (hat tip to Shawn Blanc). And while I’m not interested in returning to the ways of a navel gazing, card carrying GTDer, I appreciate Ca…

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Tracking with Day One

July is here and the year is half over. The past few weeks have felt a little like the week between Christmas and New Year's. That's always an enjoyable period of reflection and goal setting. This year I've been more aware of the passing of time (my hair blows in the wind as the weeks fly by at breakneck speed. At least it would if I had long hair …) and as the end of June approached I found myself reviewing my progress, or the lack thereof. On that note, one new habit I'…

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