I once tried to cheat sleep, and for a year I succeeded

I’m not sure why, but I’m a sucker for articles about sleep. And while recent Nobel prize winners show why we’re basically a nation of sleep deprived zombies, it’s these articles about people experimenting with their sleep that I enjoy the most. I tried an experiment myself back in 2010, just after our 4th child was born. I attempted to see how well I could do on 4 hours of sleep per night. Yep, that’s just bad science, folks. The results were not surprising. I followed up my week’s experiment…

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The problem with calories

Conor McClure writes an excellent post that debunks much of the nutritional advice of my childhood. The focus of his post is on calories, but there's a lot of goodness. > It is absolute silliness to suggest to someone to avoid fruit, nuts, or coconuts because of their calorie content alone—they are some of the most healthful foods one can find. We couldn't agree more in our home. We eat a lot of high fat foods here … it's just a matter of what type of fat. Real, raw food is the aim. He…

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