The rise in phone reading

The details of this report match my own habits. My iPad usage had declined significantly over the past two years. Once I made the upgrade to the bigger screen of the iPhone 6, I was more than ready to get rid of the awkward middle child of my digital setup. And it looks like a lot of people are on the same path. > But what has captured publishers’ attention is the increase in the number of people reading their phones. More telling: > Some 45% of iBooks purchases are now downloaded onto iPhone…

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Finding iPad's future

Related to the last link, Neil Cybart gives a smart analysis on the iPad (and tablets in general). It's a good read with a lot of quote worthy statements! But here's the one that resounds most and sums up the discussion for me. > A product category with a use case summed up by Netflix watching is quite problematic since it is that much harder to sell a differentiated product, leading to a rush to the bottom in terms of pricing, quality, and features. I'm not terribly interested in the economic…

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Build your morning habits first

Scott Young talks about the cult of the early risers and the romanticism around a morning routine. But he finishes with a slight twist on the usual take on this subject. Rather than preach about the early bird or similar sentiments, he talks about the importance of the routine to start your day. Regardless of the time, he makes the case that your first actions set the tone for the day. > I think this grouping effect, of having one virtuous habit priming you to make the next easier to execute,…

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