Running a membership business

Gosh, what a time to have something to share with the world. It seems there are new options every week to help you create something, send it out into the world, and earn a living doing so. From a teen [] who quit high school to focus on Fortnite and his Youtube channel, to a guy [] walking across Japan, it seems like the opportunities are only limited by your imagination. As someone who has hosted a website for 10+ yea…

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Oh God, it's raining newsletters

My favourite writer writing about email newsletters. This is the epitome of my reading experience. About the burgeoning popularity of the age old technology, Craig Mod has this to say: > Newsletters and newsletter startups these days are like mushrooms in an open field after a good spring rain. I don’t know a single writer who isn’t newslettering or newsletter-curious, and for many, the newsletter is where they’re doing their finest public work. And while we often discuss this topic in terms of…

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Memberships, newsletters, and hot sauce

It's been just over a year since I added a support page to this site and made it possible for readers to become members. In return, members would receive updates on my personal projects and the site newsletter. It's pretty typical of site memberships — nothing radical. Why earn anything at all off writing? Anyone who has run a site consistently knows the time and effort involved. It's not mandatory — the content will still be published here. But if readers want to help out and feel the content…

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