Renewing Medium’s focus

Interesting news from the Medium CEO. A large chunk of the Medium team has been let go and they’re trying to figure out how to make money. On the one hand, I chuckle a little and think, “Here we go again.” Medium is Ev’s third company that he has built that has not made a profit while he’s in charge. And the news is not surprising at all. On the other hand, I do admire them for being willing to attempt to monetize in some new fashion, rather than the tired model of current web publishing. Ev…

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Medium takes aim at WordPress with a new way to power websites

Another week, another article talking about Medium. I’m a sucker for this! This time, I have some positive things to say. Medium is testing some new options, allowing publishers to use the Medium platform in all its glory, plus with two new options to earn income. The options? Promoted posts and paid memberships. Now, promoted posts will be quite ad-like. Similar to a promotion in an RSS feed, the promoted post could be simply a longer, text based advertisement. Oh, there will be media involve…

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Current publishing trends

Lest I mislead you with this title, I’m focused mostly on personal sites here. I don’t care much for the trends of bigger publications; those with their overlaid ads or “enjoy 1 of 5 free articles” banners. But the trend I’m referring to for smaller, more personal and less corporate sites is a move away from the structure of the traditional blog towards a larger focus. In talking about relevancy vs. recency [], my pal Shawn Blanc discussed his…

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